Sluggers Hit Grapes And Cream 3.5g 5pk

Sluggers Hit Grapes and Cream

Welcome Grapes & Cream to the SLUGGERS HIT lineup! 🏟️ An official collaboration with legacy industry brand, this artwork is inspired by Dunkaroos, Al’s signature fadeaway, Batman & Viola’s iconic purple 🏟️💨🏀

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Sluggers Hit Grapes And Cream

Welcome Sluggers Hit Grapes And Cream to the SLUGGERS HIT lineup! 🏟️ 

An official collaboration with legacy industry brand, this artwork is inspired by Dunkaroos, Al’s signature fadeaway, Batman & Viola’s iconic purple 🏟️💨🏀

Grapes N Cream, popularly known as “Grapes and Cream,” is a wonderful hybrid strain established by crossing the delectable Grape Pie X Cookies and Cream strains.
This famous child has a delicious flavor and a powerful high that will have you flying high before putting you back into blissful drowsiness.
Grapes N Cream features a sweet and creamy sugary vanilla flavor that’s complemented by fresh and juicy grapes and cherries, as the name suggests.
The perfume is equally enticing, with a fiery grape overtone complemented by sweet and sugary fruits.
The Grapes N Cream high kicks in a few minutes after your last hit, giving you a sense of creative focus while lulling you to sleep.
As your creative sense increases, your senses will sharpen, allowing you to access your sociability and effortlessly carry on conversations with those around you.
Simultaneously, a relaxing body high will find its way into your physical form, relieving painful muscles while also making you somewhat hungry.

Sluggers Hit Grapes And Cream Positive And Negative Effects

Sluggers Pre roll  Grapes And Cream. When you first smoke it, you will most likely feel euphoric and giddy.

However, these effects are not long-lasting; customers are quickly sedated.

This calming effect is accompanied by complete body relaxation, making Grapes ‘N Cream the finest choice for smoking at night, right before retiring to bed.

It immediately makes its users tired, yet in the majority of cases, they become quite focused. So, if you have some work that requires your entire attention at night, you might find this plant useful.

Because of the low THC levels, this strain does not appear to be dangerous, even to complete newcomers.

However, you should keep in mind that becoming overly focused might soon lead to severe headaches. The following are some more probable adverse effects:

  • Tingly
  • Dizzy
  • Hunger
  • Wet eyes
  • Hallucination of Insomnia
  • A fast heartbeat
  • thirst and mouth dryness

Sluggers Hits

Growing Grapes ‘N Cream
Although growing this strain is not difficult, you should pay close attention to the entire procedure.

This will take about 59 days, which is the usual time for marijuana cultivation.

This cannabis strain’s flowering time could be 55-64 days. If you offer adequate lighting and hydration, you should be able to harvest the 10 – 15 oz/plant (400 g/plant) yield outside.

Grapes N Cream is ideal for treating depression, nausea or appetite loss, chronic stress or anxiety, and inflammation because to its high 23-35% average THC level.

This strain has large, enormous, spherical neon green nugs with deep amber overtones, dense orange hairs, and icy golden amber crystal trichomes. sluggers hit pre rolls.