Sluggers Hit Coconut Horchata 3.5g 5pk

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Sluggers Hit Coconut Horchata 🦜☝️This one’s for Jimmy who famously sings facts like “If We Couldn’t Laugh, We Would All Go Insane” 💯 — 👼 Rest in Paradise jimmybuffet 🙏 we know you’re pairing your Cheeseburger with Coconut Horchata up in the heavens 🏟️💨 🦜

Step into a world where every step is a home run! 🎉 Introducing the Sluggers Hit Rugs – where style meets the grand slam of comfort.

Get ready to elevate your space with the ultimate home plate for your feet! ⚾🏡 sluggers pre roll the best in the game

⚾️ SLUGGERS HIT was (clearly) inspired by America’s Pastime 💯 growing up, Little League is a passage of right.

Thru sport, we forge our friendships, shape our future & learn how to take one on the chin 🎶

🪄 Every flavor tells a story from our youth. When you hold a pack for the first time, you may remember where you’re from, who you first smoked with or the first time you went to a baseball game.

Wherever the journey transports you to, we hope it feels like HOME 🏡

☄️Everyone  joins us our first (of many) SLUGGERS HIT softball teams in his hometown. Spoiler Alert: we squashed those bugs 🐞

⚡️Welcome to America’s New Pastime 🏟💨⚾️ buy sluggers at Arizona Dispensary

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